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Evian and water

Evian and water            

The discovery of Evian mineral water dates back to 1790, when, during a walk, a nobleman from Auvergne, the Marquis of Lessert, refreshed himself at the Fountain of Saint Catherine located on the property of one Monsieur Cachat.

Finding this water healthy, “light and freely flowing”, the marquis, who suffered from pain in his liver and kidneys, drank regularly from the fountain during his walks and noticed a marked improvement in his health. So he praised the “miraculous” qualities of this water, which began to be prescribed by doctors.

The first “Evian Baths” appeared in 1824 and two years later, the King of Sardinia granted bottling permission.
The creation of the first mineral-water company in 1829 also marked the beginning of the resort’s expansion, with the construction of thermal baths, the casino, luxury hotels, the funicular and the theatre.


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