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With 9,000 inhabitants – the Evianais – this Lake Geneva resort is small in size, but large in stature due to its international renown. The small bottle of water can be found in 140 countries and allows visitors from around the world to discover the town that gave it its name.
The town centre, mainly composed of a pedestrian street and small side streets which lead down to the lake, has more than 250 shops. These shopping streets form a heart which beats to the rhythm of shutters opening, terraces being set up, conversations being shared and unexpected meetings… A world to discover, dozens of windows to be drawn to, thousands of items to enjoy, and from one end of the street to the other, the feeling that what the Evian shopkeepers hold most precious is not for sale… If you need convincing, just go and meet them.

These small independent businesses are open all year and actively participate in the various events that follow on from each other over the seasons. The strength of this commercial fabric is that it is not part of a faceless high street, rather it offers a personalised service on your doorstep.

A variety of shops that share the heart of the town with art galleries and artists’ studios. There is also an artist and craft market which brings energy to the rue Nationale every Sunday during summer.

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